Roan Vintage Pop-That’s The Spirit

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There is a reason one of the most popular songs of the holiday season is called, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Maybe it’s the bright décor, or the streets lined with twinkling lights, or even just the bitter cold, but no matter your background, everyone seems to put effort into being a little more kind to each other.

How is this spirit still so strong to this day, after multiple decades–if not centuries? For that, we can thank one of the most powerful forces of the heart and mind: appreciation. When the holidays come around, we remember classic fables of generosity and joy, warm get-togethers with friends and family, grandma’s famous pie. Even something as simple as a co-worker offering a homemade cookie. Who couldn’t help smiling more often, when they’re reminded of all the little things there are to appreciate?

Incidentally, the trademark of a person with truly outstanding style is also appreciation. They understand that “new” and “great” are not necessarily birds of a feather, and some ideas just can’t get any better, no matter how long ago they started (see: grandma’s pie). Appreciation, in the world of style, go by another name: Vintage. Vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories are wearable winks to designers, cuts, and styles of the past. They show that the wearer knows a good thing when they see it. This is especially true when a vintage piece gets mixed in with modern ones, because successfully blending the two takes appreciation and skill. An outfit that appreciates fashion’s history reminds us that style is truly an art— a fact we’ve all realized when we’ve seen someone in an exceptional outfit, or been that person ourselves.

So, where can you get nostalgic about the holidays and all-things-fashion at the same time? Roan Vintage Pop, of course. The newest addition to the store, these vintage pieces are meticulously hand-selected by the good people at Roan to give elegant modern looks a serious run for their money—although, like we said, they’re spectacular when combined. Inspired and eclectic, these vintage treasures will add a touch to your wardrobe that is truly one of a kind.

Holiday Looks from Roan Vintage Pop:

Roan Vintage Pop look 2

Shalini Velvet Dress paired with Cassin Beaded Shrug

Roan Vintage Shoes

Christian Louboutin heels

Roan Vintage Pop look 3

J. Mendel Blouse with Valentino Skirt

RVP-Vintage Prada

Prada Pumps

Roan Vintage Pop look 1

Armani Wide-leg Pant with Yves Saint Laurent Tweed Jacket

*This post is in written by and in collaboration with Gabriella. The talented Richmond, Virginia blogger behind WUNDERFIEND.


Hotumn-Managing the Transition from Summer to Autumn

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Technically, we’re nearly into Pumpkin Spice season, but let’s be honest-anything not served on ice is cause to ignite under the still Summer-strong sun. It may be September but the heat is still coming in waves, and that dreaded question has risen up again like an October spook: how do we dress during the summer/fall change over? After some thorough researching, here are Roan’s top tips on how to handle Hotumn (get it? Hot + Autumn).

1. Field Your Fabrics

Hotumn is no excuse to limit yourself to only the teeniest things in your wardrobe, especially if you have formal functions to attend. The solution? Go for fabrics that can cover you without smothering you, like light silks and linens.

Ulla-Johnson-Richmond-BLOG Roan

2. Layer

Okay, duh. But just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it’s easy to put into play. Hotumn is notoriously annoying for making you too hot during the day and then shaking in your short shorts once the sun goes down. Hot-and-Cold is only fun when you’re the one playing it. So when layering, go for light weight, breathable main pieces (a-la tip number one) that you don’t take off. Then save your warm and fuzzy pieces for on top, like this amazing Isabel Marant sweater available at Roan. Isabel Marant’s fall show was speckled with this layered look. The perfect nod to trendiness and practicality.

Isabel Marant Fashion Show, Ready To Wear  Collection Fall Winter 2016 in Paris

3. Pull Shapes

One of the worst things that can happen during a heat wave is having your clothes stick to you like cling wrap. When you don’t feel good, it shows…in more ways than one (read: back sweat stains). How to avoid this? Take a page out of any below-the-equator fashionista’s book and pick pieces with a ton of breathing room, like a billowing trapeze dress or a pair of oh-so-trendy culottes.

Culottes-Fall 2016

4. Mix Short and Long

Yes, Hotumn makes you contend with transitioning from super-hot outside temperatures to ice-cold air conditioning in any store or restaurant you go into, but the least fashionable thing to be is a whiner. So look at the bright side and take advantage of being able to mix your fall and winter pieces in a way that you just can’t at any other time of the year. This means anything from long vests and short hemlines to cropped tops and bold print pants.  Take a cue from the ultimate fashion week trend, pairing short dresses with a long and structured coats.





*This post is in written by and in collaboration with Gabriella. The talented Richmond, Virginia blogger behind WUNDERFIEND.

A Talk with Tibi-Fall 2016 Collection

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We recently hosted a Tibi Trunk Show August 30th and 31st to mix it up with their Fall 2016 collection. Cockatils, new Tibi and smart talk about fashion. It was a Roan night.

Tibi’s brand rep Lucy Henson sat down with us to discuss Tibi’s influence in fashion and how to pair their signature easy clothes with more daring trends. Lucy moved from Georgia to New York City, so she gets the  idea of mixing fashion-forward NYC style with our effortless looks of the South.

“We call the Tibi girl ‘perpetually’ thirty” Lucy says (wearing Tibi head-to-toe herself). “It’s for the 20-something who wants to look mature and it’s for the 40-something who wants to feel youthful. The pieces definitely have longevity.”


The Fall collection has a certain coziness about it. Earth-tones paired with soft cotton blends and loose fits. Perfect staples for the crisp weekends soon to come. In fact, Lucy says the colors are her favorite thing about the Fall Collection. Inspired by military elements, you see a palette of military greens, tonal quartz, rich cocoas any navys. The tonal look is a Tibi  look.

As the temperatures get lower, so do the hemlines. Mid-calf is the golden length for Tibi. And we are loving the modesty fashion comeback.  The two days Lucy has been in the store, we have seen her in nothing but mid-calf hems. “It’s the perfect length for comfort. It’s causal but still really put together”. While you don’t see as many Richmond women embracing the longer hem, we have a feeling it won’t be long until the feminine cut is everywhere. You’d be surprised how wearable it really is.

Lucy’s advice on current style trends? “Make sure you’re branching-out and trying trends, and then mixing them in with classic pieces. That’s the trick for clothing to be trendy yet wearable”.

We couldn’t agree more. Tibi is a staple here at Roan, and we’re exited to stay up-to-date as the Fall collection continues to inspire and evolve.

tibi-staple-fall-fashion-roan-richmond-virginiatibi-staple-fall-fashion-roan-richmond-virginia tibi.jpg

When in Roan with Caroline Wallace

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We could have been on the other side of the globe. The house, a Spanish Colonial Revival with thick plaster walls, terracotta floors, and scrolling ironwork, conjured up lazy afternoons on the Mediterranean. But it was in Richmond on a breezy April afternoon when Caroline Wallace and I sat down in her beautiful loggia to sip Lillet and talk about her passion for travel. The stunning setting and fun conversation transported me, and I wanted to count myself among Caroline’s many lucky clients.

A luxury travel advisor with Brownell, Caroline was in sixth grade when she first discovered the romance of international travel. When I asked how it became her job, she modestly explained that her outgoing personality and strong organizational skills are well suited to the job. And they are, but it doesn’t take long to realize that travel is more than a job for Caroline—it’s her passion.

A look at her passport reveals recent expeditions to Chile during a volcano eruption; Rio, where she had a chance encounter with a gun-toting gang; Paris, where her plane touched down just hours before the November terrorist attacks; Africa, a dream vacation for her whole family; Jamaica, because you don’t miss your daughter’s senior spring break trip; and Italy, to the heel of the fashionable boot to discover the undiscovered. And that’s all in the last year alone. When she’s not traveling herself, she’s planning dream getaways for her clients.

Her current favorite spot is José Ignacio in Uruguay. Feet in the sand, a Caipiroska in hand, Caroline feels more relaxed in this small fishing village than anywhere else in the world. She describes this little slice of heaven as authentic, relaxed and chic. The same could be said of her. Pour yourself a glass and listen in.


Who are your clients?
We have multigenerational groups. We have families, couples, people just becoming empty nesters. We have all sorts of travelers. Oh, and we have honeymooners, which I love to do.

What’s so great about honeymooners?
I love helping couples plan the trip of their dreams. Honeymoon. Something about the word just rings with the promise of romance. No other trip holds that significance. This is a trip that everyone wants “just right” and with our expertise and worldwide connections, we can make it even better than that. We can design the perfect trip.

What’s your favorite place to visit right now?
Uruguay. I’ve been six times in five years. I’m in love with an area called José Ignacio, a small old fishing village on the southern coast, it’s chic but not famous. There is not a t-shirt for sale in the town. It is truly authentic and the people make you feel right at home. La Huella is this fashionable beach shack where everyone kind of gathers. Feet in the sand, the freshest, yummiest seafood coming out with the Caipiroskas—these great drinks. Everybody takes their family to dinner there. You might see a little kid asleep late at night right there, but everybody’s just fun and laid-back. We’re so uptight here. And you also have Estancia Vik that feels like Marlboro country-set on a 4000 acre cattle ranch and there is the architecturally cool Playa Vik and Bahia Vik that feels like St Tropez did years ago.

The area is undeveloped and low key. You can ride with the Gauchos or go kayaking; take a local cooking class or do nothing at all. I’m dying to for that kind of trip. I am wound up like a top. It’s hard to explain, but every person that I’ve sent has gone back—except for maybe one couple. Almost everybody repeated. And some have even gone back just a month later with their family after going down there with me. It’s a five-star resort, but it’s the people that make me love it and they’ve become some of my best friends. When things go wrong, how does a travel consultant step in to help out? Luckily most of the stuff that has gone wrong for our clients has been out of our control. It doesn’t always happen that way. There are so many details to travel. We had this one client who wanted to go to Ireland, so we thought. My rep was emailing her and telling her about Ballyfin and Sheen Falls and all this great stuff. But when I got on the conference call after all these emails had been sent, she’s saying, “I want to see the Northern Lights.” And it suddenly dawned on me that she wanted to go to Iceland. That someone, somewhere, had changed the “c” into an “r,”!
That could have been a disaster.

With everything that’s going on in the world, how do you deal with cautious travelers?
If you’re already scared before you go, don’t go. But if you’re an avid traveler, you’re used to putting yourself out there. I’ve had crazy things happen to me.

Like what?
I was in Lamu in East Africa on a NOLS program in college. We were in dhows, the old fishing boats and we heard shooting. It was Somali bandits. My hair was white, white, white. I thought I was going to be the first one dead. Caroline ends the story there and returns to her drink.

Um, I feel like you kind of glossed over the Somalian bandit thing. What happened?
The tide went out and our boat got stuck and we could see the bandits up on the ledge above us so we hid up in the trees. This was 1987. We had to stay up in the trees for hours, but the tide finally came in and we could move again.

Why do you think that didn’t scare you off?
I was young. It was an adventure.

You’re always up for an adventure. And I love hearing about them when you come into the shop. Do you have any packing tips?
Most people overpack. I went away on spring break to Jamaica recently and one night after a few drinks, all the women demanded to come to my room to see my carry-on because I told them that I had fit everything I needed in that one bag. They wanted a packing lesson. And I had actually overpacked. I ended up not wearing eight items. If you’re at a beach destination, what are you going to do? You might work out in the morning and then you’re going to put on a coverup and a bathing suit and you’re not going to change until dinner. Take your white pants and take three different tops and you’re done.

This is how we counsel people in the store. Part of it is committing to what you’re going to wear. You have to commit and not say, ‘Oh I want to have options when I
get there.’ 
That’s right. That’s great advice.


But the more you travel, the easier it is. What are three things that are always in
your suitcase?

My bathing suit, my goggles with the attached waterproof iPod and running shoes.

Obviously the fanny pack is a taboo item.
Oh, Lord!

So in terms of accessories, what do you recommend there?
I have a great oversized leather tote. It’s the Tory Burch York Buckle Tote and it holds my laptop, my yoga pants for the plane, a small cosmetic bag, ear plugs, phone and other small accessories. It’s also good-looking enough to be my pocketbook if need be. But on my last couple of trips I haven’t even taken a pocketbook. I’ll take a cute cosmetic bag and then at night I’ll empty it out and use it as a clutch. I have a little tiny backpack that I take to go down to the beach or go on a hike. Sometimes—when I think I’ll be doing some shopping—I also put a little duffel bag in my carry-on so that I can use that to check purchases on the way home. I’m more willing to check a bag on the way home.

Did you have a favorite vacation as a child?
The one travel memory that sticks out the most is when we did a house trade with some friends who lived in London. I think I was in sixth grade. I still remember the milkman delivering milk in glass bottles to our front door. I collected flowers from the gardens we visited and made this beautiful scrapbook. We lived over there for a month.

Your own daughters—Lizzie, who is a junior at Miami of Ohio and Anna, who is headed to UNC Chapel Hill—are they intrepid travelers themselves?
Oh yes. They both could go anywhere.

If you offered them a trip to a great destination, would they rather go with you and your husband Gordon or without you guys at this point?
With. Right now, they’d rather go with us. Gordon’s taking Anna to Iceland when she graduates.

Iceland or Ireland?


Rapid Fire

1. Coffee or tea? Tea
2. Shawl or cardigan? Shawl
3. London or Paris? Paris
4. Naan or tortillas? Naan
5. Sandals or sneakers? Sandals
6. Boxers or briefs? Boxers
7. Carry-on or check? Carry-on
8. BloodyMary or mimosa? Mimosa
9. MOMA or Met? MOMA
10.Earbuds or headphones? Earbuds
11.PC or Mac? Mac
12.US or BVI? BVI
13.Instagram or twitter? Instagram
14.Villa or palazzo? Palazzo
15.Tequila or vodka? Vodka
16.Window or aisle? aisle
17.Beer garden or herb garden? herb garden
18.Ronaldo or Messi? Ronaldo
19.Raincoat or umbrella? Umbrella
20.Kindle or hardcover? Hardcover (love to turn a page)

Closet Confessions from Caroline Wallace

1) I do not own a skirt. I am a jumpsuit, pant, short or dress girl.
2) I color coordinate my closet. On my bottom rack I have all long-sleeve items color coordinated and on the top I have all the sleeveless blouses color coordinated. All my pants are on hangers and color coordinated, too. I am a very organized person so it would drive me crazy if things were all mixed together. Organizing everything by color makes it easy to go to my closet and find exactly what I am in the mood the wear.
3) My favorite earrings are simple, gold double hoops. They’re easy to travel with and I can wear them day or night.
4) My favorite Roan piece is my new white Derek Lam sleeveless blouse that I can wear with anything from blue jeans to suede or leather pants. It’s a great travel piece.
5) My two grown girls like to borrow my clothes and somehow always manage to pick the newest and nicest pieces. I’m a little annoyed, but I’m also flattered.

Caroline’s Caipiroska
This is my favorite drink: There are two versions. Caipirinha is made with cachaça, sugar and lime. I am not a fan of cachaça even though it’s a more traditional ingredient. I like a Caipiroska made with vodka, lots of lime and sugar. Muddle the sugar into the lime wedges with a spoon. Place the lime wedges in the bottom of an 8-ounce double old fashioned glass. Cover with crushed ice, fill glass with vodka, stir well and enjoy.

Gettin’ ready for the holidays

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We’re getting in AMAZING things daily!

Great gift items for under $50…
Nest Candles and Soaps, Hanky Panky underwear in fun colors & patterns, and more.



Amazing denim, tops and scarves/jewelry to pull some great outfits together.
Mother, Rag and Bone, Acne, Equipment, Velvet, Kenneth J Lane…


Incredible deals on Fall Designer shoes & handbags
Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Pedro Garcia, Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim!


Holiday shopping 2013

Brunello Cucinelli Fall 2013 Collection

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Brunello Cucinelli Fall 2013 Collection at Roan

This lavish yet oh so luscious collection for fall 2013 was inspired by the world of rock and roll with details like studded shoulders and chain detail waists. The genius is that the pieces look timeless and effervescent on the body.


Brunello Cucinelli is known for being the magician of cashmere but this year the magic has gone to another level. Concepts such as cashmere lace used as a sleeve detail demonstrate his devotion to elevating the fiber. One divine sweater shown below is made of crocheted cashmere with paillettes that only three people know how to craft and it takes them 8 hours to do so.


For fall Cucinelli is now even taking over the footwear realm by taking a traditional masculine shoe like a combat boot and made it feminine with details like monili on straps, heels and tongues.


Some of the Cucinelli devotees will notice that this collection may be a little different, the color palette that is typically lighter neutral for Cucinelli has transformed into something a little bit darker with colors like fox, moonlight and brown. They even have new outerwear fabrications with Persian Lamp and Neoprene.

Take a look at the current spring 2013 collection here at Roan.





Peter, Peter, didn’t anyone tell you the rules?

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Peter, Peter, didn’t anyone tell you the rules? You are not supposed to make things this brilliant! This is meant to be the work the established titans of the industry. Complexity made simple, patterns merging effortlessly together, are you serious? Now we are going to have to tell on you.

Check out Peter Pilotto’s spring 2013 collection here – (it’s pretty fabulous)

Caring For Cashmere- How To Protect Cucinelli Cashmere From Wear

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Just got that cashmere sweater  you’ve been eyeing for the holidays? Well we’re here to give you some advice on how to keep that sweater looking brand new.

Even if the label says, “dry clean only”, there is a better way to keep your favorite Cucinelli cashmere sweater feeling soft and keeping its shape. The great news is that it saves you a trip to the dry cleaners!


The trick is to actually hand-wash the cashmere in a baby shampoo (like Johnson and Johnson) or with a mild detergent (like Woolite). You will just want to make sure the detergent or shampoo is even mixed with the water before you put the sweater into it. Then just put the cashmere piece in the water and gently wash it by letting it soak for a couple of hours.


To dry just lay flat on a towel and reshape the cashmere to how you wear it. Warning here! Make sure you reshape to how you wear it exactly, because it will dry exactly how you reshape it. So if there is a wrinkle while wet it will dry with a wrinkle (so leave it as pretty as it looks on you). Now make sure while it’s drying to keep the cashmere away from windows or heat.


Now you may know, but never hang cashmere, it can cause dimples and lose shape over time. Don’t fret because we’re going to let you in on a few great tips on how to store cashmere.

To avoid lines down the middle of the sweater fold it like the stores do by folding each side inward by a third. Then you will want to smooth the arms down and fold in half. Fold in a piece of tissue paper; the paper will help prevent wrinkles. Then to make sure your cashmere sweater will last the test of time you will want to store it in a breathable sweater bag.

Treating Stains

Now this is the time you may want to get a professional in to help you out. If you do want to try treating it on your own, below are a few tips.

Immediately after something spills on you try to gently blot up the stain then use cold water and gentle stain remover. Then you want to wash the sweater as normal without extra attention to the stain.

Some Tips from the Expert Brunello Cucinelli

Now we may know cashmere but that is nothing next to Brunello Cucinelli, he has been creating luxurious cashmere pieces for over 30 years. He even has a closet full of cashmere himself, so let us enlighten you with a few tips from the master of cashmere:

  • Never dry-clean the cashmere unless you have a tricky stain
  • Don’t put cashmere in the washing machine (it ages the cashmere fibers much faster)
  • Fill a container full of water to wash
    • Warm water for solid cashmere pieces
    • For printed pieces or pieces with more than one color use very cold water
  • Now for the soap, he recommends a tablespoon of gentle hand soap or a detergent that’s made for knitwear (like woolite) and dilute with 5 litres of water or about 1.3 gallons for Americans
  • If you need to use a softener try a natural one like white vinegar (chemicals can alter the fabric of cashmere)
  • Then let the cashmere soak for 2-3 hours in the water- don’t move it in the water!
  • Then you want to gently squeeze out the water till all the soap and water are out
    • Don’t twist! It may take some to get it all out, so repeat as necessary
  • Lay on a soft towel to dry
  • If you need to iron the sweater (don’t let it touch the cashmere directly) use another piece of cloth between the iron and the cashmere
  • Cucinelli prefers to store cashmere in a colorless cardboard box with cedar disks inside
    • A lightweight fabric bag also works, but a box he says gives material more room to breathe, and the cedar disks deter moths while adding a subtle scent


Miss any tips or tricks you have to keep cashmere looking great? Feel free to comment below!

Brunello Cucinelli Spring 2013 Trunk Show

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Life well lived, expressed in clothing

Of all the beautiful things we stock at Roan there is one brand that is more than just a label, it is a way of living. And that is Brunello Cucinelli.  As we prepare for our Brunello Cucinelli Spring 2013 Trunk show on Dec 6th and 7th we look forward in anticipation of the majestic sight that unfolds as the entire collection is unpacked and merchandised.
 Each  Cucinelli cashmere cardigan, each dress and every pant, skirt, shoe, blouse  necklace, jacket, sweater and shawl have a purpose, meaning and soul. Crafted from the most luxurious fabrics and yarns in the world and handmade by artisans in the town of Solomeo in Perugia, Italy.Brunello Cucinelli has no equal on a piece by piece basis. On those merits alone, anyone would invest. But the design and aesthetic woven into each item and the collection as a whole is what makes Cucinelli so magical, timeless and coveted.
Brunello Cucinelli 2013 is available in store at Roan and one can buy Brunello Cucinelli online at as well.  For those of you who will come to the Spring 2013 Brunello Cucinelli trunk show, we await the smile on your face. And for those shopping online, please just comment with a pic of your smile.

What Roanies are Thankful For

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Since the eve of Thanksgiving is upon us we decided to let you know to what we’re thankful for over here.

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