Hello to The Row

by admin on June 10th, 2010 (No Comments)

Hello perfect collection. We have been waiting for you. As newsworthy and buzzworhty as any new collection we have ever had, we are ecstatic to present The Row to Richmond and beyond.  This collection is everything a chic laid back girl could want. The perfect denim legging. T-shirts with subtle design details that will melt you. Little black dresses and leather jackets that will go everywhere with you.  Clean, unfettered and ultimately chic.  If you get it, you’ll definitely get it.

Rum and Smac

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Just got back from a little Resort 2020/2011 preview in NYC and future posts will show the astounding talent of Jason Wu,Philip Lim, Christian Louboutin, Yigal Azrouel and more. But our best story comes from our cab-jump on 6th St. in the East Village. On our way to what we thought might be a quiet little drink and an evening morsel at Momofuku Noodle Bar, we were dumbstruck by a line pouring out of a tiny little establishment that servers nothing but Mac’n cheese called S’MAC. After a command for the cab to slam on brakes, we cozied in for a sampler at S’MAC! Eight different varieties of mac and cheese baked to golden perfection served in a cast iron skillet with wedge partitions.


Momofuku (Top), Cienfuegos (Bottom)
It was cheesy bliss, and no longer feeling peckish it seemed the perfect time to explore the neighborhood for its finest in mixology. We had heard about a little Rum Bar called Cienfuegos but when we arrived at the given address we found a shuttered ugly corner with an empty awning an no signs of life. Upon calling the phone number we found that to get into the bar one has to find the tiny Cuban sandwich shop around the corner, go through it and up a flight of industrial stairs to find the Havanaesque paradise. Beat up in the most beautiful way, this place serves 30 or so different rum punches made to order and served in silver punch bowls with ladles. Gorgeous looking Cuban small dishes were all around but we settled in for a round of Rosa Verde, a punch with the most sublime balance of sweetness and spice, its almost indescribable. It consisted of arugula unfused simple syrup, watermelon and lime juice, pink peppercorns and of course handcrafted rum. After polishing off the bowl, we set out for our initial quest for pork buns at Momofuku. They did not disappoint and might be the most addictive savory streetfood on the planet. The most important thing we learned at Momofuku is that there is a fried chicken bonanza platter to be had if you order in advance. It looked to be smoked and fried chicken served 3 ways on a platter that held no less than 24 pieces. Our next foodie quest is the underground lobster rolls in Brooklyn. Stay tuned Roanies.