Is your wardrobe relevant?

by roanshop on May 3rd, 2011 (No Comments)

Alber Elbaz  of Lanvin believes it is more important to be relevant than fashionable.  True dat Alber!  As the warm, breezy sultry weather sets in for late spring and summer we are asking all Roanies…is your wardrobe relevant?  Do you have things in your closet that just don’t work no matter what pieces you try to put with them?  Are you acquiring pieces that you cannot wait to don for your next Art Gallery opening or charity event?  When you head out to a meeting, do you have the ammunition to make you appropriately chic?  Its time to prepare, gear up and get ready for the weeks and months ahead.  Its time to purge what is not working and find your groove with pieces that make you want to get out and live, work, and celebrate.  Never has the assortment at Roan been more relevant to fashion and to life.  To be real, to be beautiful, to be confident, all it takes is a little Roaning!