Cooler than Coolest

by roanshop on September 30th, 2011 (No Comments)

As you have read on our website, Isabel Marant has landed at Roan and its like a new life of inspirational harmony has begun. We’ve heard and read a million fabulous things about Isabel Marant’s collection but nothing beats the bubbling excitement that hits you when you play with these pieces IRL (in real life). Almost every article online and in print has commented on how she nails Parisian chic, effortlessly. All too true! With so many fun, airy blouses in sexy but subtle prints, and funky yet tailored jackets, picking a fave is painful. The embroidered navajo skinny jeans take the cake in my opinion. Navajo prints are everywhere you turn this fall from bags to jewelry and boots to ponchos. Putting the design on denim without getting too kitschy? Hard thing to do, and well, Isabel has done it. Thank you, Ms. Marant for perfecting the balance between modern bohemian and classic chic.

Isabel Marant embroidered skinny jeans

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Isabel Marant, bon jour

by roanshop on September 28th, 2011 (No Comments)

Isabel Marant Knock knock…who’s there? Isabel Marant. Isabel Marant who? ¬†Isabel Marant, you know the sensation from Paris that is turning the fashion world upside down, is barely accessible in the US and is sold exclusively at Roan. ¬†Come see what fun girls around the globe are buzzing about and see how we have playfully curated the collection for the beautiful girls of the South.