Brunello Cucinelli Spring 2013 Trunk Show

Life well lived, expressed in clothing

Of all the beautiful things we stock at Roan there is one brand that is more than just a label, it is a way of living. And that is Brunello Cucinelli.  As we prepare for our Brunello Cucinelli Spring 2013 Trunk show on Dec 6th and 7th we look forward in anticipation of the majestic sight that unfolds as the entire collection is unpacked and merchandised.
 Each  Cucinelli cashmere cardigan, each dress and every pant, skirt, shoe, blouse  necklace, jacket, sweater and shawl have a purpose, meaning and soul. Crafted from the most luxurious fabrics and yarns in the world and handmade by artisans in the town of Solomeo in Perugia, Italy.Brunello Cucinelli has no equal on a piece by piece basis. On those merits alone, anyone would invest. But the design and aesthetic woven into each item and the collection as a whole is what makes Cucinelli so magical, timeless and coveted.
Brunello Cucinelli 2013 is available in store at Roan and one can buy Brunello Cucinelli online at as well.  For those of you who will come to the Spring 2013 Brunello Cucinelli trunk show, we await the smile on your face. And for those shopping online, please just comment with a pic of your smile.

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