Hotumn-Managing the Transition from Summer to Autumn

by Roan on September 28th, 2016 (No Comments)

Technically, we’re nearly into Pumpkin Spice season, but let’s be honest-anything not served on ice is cause to ignite under the still Summer-strong sun. It may be September but the heat is still coming in waves, and that dreaded question has risen up again like an October spook: how do we dress during the summer/fall change over? After some thorough researching, here are Roan’s top tips on how to handle Hotumn (get it? Hot + Autumn).

1. Field Your Fabrics

Hotumn is no excuse to limit yourself to only the teeniest things in your wardrobe, especially if you have formal functions to attend. The solution? Go for fabrics that can cover you without smothering you, like light silks and linens.

Ulla-Johnson-Richmond-BLOG Roan

2. Layer

Okay, duh. But just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it’s easy to put into play. Hotumn is notoriously annoying for making you too hot during the day and then shaking in your short shorts once the sun goes down. Hot-and-Cold is only fun when you’re the one playing it. So when layering, go for light weight, breathable main pieces (a-la tip number one) that you don’t take off. Then save your warm and fuzzy pieces for on top, like this amazing Isabel Marant sweater available at Roan. Isabel Marant’s fall show was speckled with this layered look. The perfect nod to trendiness and practicality.

Isabel Marant Fashion Show, Ready To Wear  Collection Fall Winter 2016 in Paris

3. Pull Shapes

One of the worst things that can happen during a heat wave is having your clothes stick to you like cling wrap. When you don’t feel good, it shows…in more ways than one (read: back sweat stains). How to avoid this? Take a page out of any below-the-equator fashionista’s book and pick pieces with a ton of breathing room, like a billowing trapeze dress or a pair of oh-so-trendy culottes.

Culottes-Fall 2016

4. Mix Short and Long

Yes, Hotumn makes you contend with transitioning from super-hot outside temperatures to ice-cold air conditioning in any store or restaurant you go into, but the least fashionable thing to be is a whiner. So look at the bright side and take advantage of being able to mix your fall and winter pieces in a way that you just can’t at any other time of the year. This means anything from long vests and short hemlines to cropped tops and bold print pants.  Take a cue from the ultimate fashion week trend, pairing short dresses with a long and structured coats.





*This post is in written by and in collaboration with Gabriella. The talented Richmond, Virginia blogger behind WUNDERFIEND.

A Talk with Tibi-Fall 2016 Collection

by Rachael Chudoba on September 1st, 2016 (No Comments)


We recently hosted a Tibi Trunk Show August 30th and 31st to mix it up with their Fall 2016 collection. Cockatils, new Tibi and smart talk about fashion. It was a Roan night.

Tibi’s brand rep Lucy Henson sat down with us to discuss Tibi’s influence in fashion and how to pair their signature easy clothes with more daring trends. Lucy moved from Georgia to New York City, so she gets the  idea of mixing fashion-forward NYC style with our effortless looks of the South.

“We call the Tibi girl ‘perpetually’ thirty” Lucy says (wearing Tibi head-to-toe herself). “It’s for the 20-something who wants to look mature and it’s for the 40-something who wants to feel youthful. The pieces definitely have longevity.”


The Fall collection has a certain coziness about it. Earth-tones paired with soft cotton blends and loose fits. Perfect staples for the crisp weekends soon to come. In fact, Lucy says the colors are her favorite thing about the Fall Collection. Inspired by military elements, you see a palette of military greens, tonal quartz, rich cocoas any navys. The tonal look is a Tibi  look.

As the temperatures get lower, so do the hemlines. Mid-calf is the golden length for Tibi. And we are loving the modesty fashion comeback.  The two days Lucy has been in the store, we have seen her in nothing but mid-calf hems. “It’s the perfect length for comfort. It’s causal but still really put together”. While you don’t see as many Richmond women embracing the longer hem, we have a feeling it won’t be long until the feminine cut is everywhere. You’d be surprised how wearable it really is.

Lucy’s advice on current style trends? “Make sure you’re branching-out and trying trends, and then mixing them in with classic pieces. That’s the trick for clothing to be trendy yet wearable”.

We couldn’t agree more. Tibi is a staple here at Roan, and we’re exited to stay up-to-date as the Fall collection continues to inspire and evolve.

tibi-staple-fall-fashion-roan-richmond-virginiatibi-staple-fall-fashion-roan-richmond-virginia tibi.jpg