Roan Vintage Pop-That’s The Spirit

There is a reason one of the most popular songs of the holiday season is called, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Maybe it’s the bright décor, or the streets lined with twinkling lights, or even just the bitter cold, but no matter your background, everyone seems to put effort into being a little more kind to each other.

How is this spirit still so strong to this day, after multiple decades–if not centuries? For that, we can thank one of the most powerful forces of the heart and mind: appreciation. When the holidays come around, we remember classic fables of generosity and joy, warm get-togethers with friends and family, grandma’s famous pie. Even something as simple as a co-worker offering a homemade cookie. Who couldn’t help smiling more often, when they’re reminded of all the little things there are to appreciate?

Incidentally, the trademark of a person with truly outstanding style is also appreciation. They understand that “new” and “great” are not necessarily birds of a feather, and some ideas just can’t get any better, no matter how long ago they started (see: grandma’s pie). Appreciation, in the world of style, go by another name: Vintage. Vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories are wearable winks to designers, cuts, and styles of the past. They show that the wearer knows a good thing when they see it. This is especially true when a vintage piece gets mixed in with modern ones, because successfully blending the two takes appreciation and skill. An outfit that appreciates fashion’s history reminds us that style is truly an art— a fact we’ve all realized when we’ve seen someone in an exceptional outfit, or been that person ourselves.

So, where can you get nostalgic about the holidays and all-things-fashion at the same time? Roan Vintage Pop, of course. The newest addition to the store, these vintage pieces are meticulously hand-selected by the good people at Roan to give elegant modern looks a serious run for their money—although, like we said, they’re spectacular when combined. Inspired and eclectic, these vintage treasures will add a touch to your wardrobe that is truly one of a kind.

Holiday Looks from Roan Vintage Pop:

Roan Vintage Pop look 2

Shalini Velvet Dress paired with Cassin Beaded Shrug

Roan Vintage Shoes

Christian Louboutin heels

Roan Vintage Pop look 3

J. Mendel Blouse with Valentino Skirt

RVP-Vintage Prada

Prada Pumps

Roan Vintage Pop look 1

Armani Wide-leg Pant with Yves Saint Laurent Tweed Jacket

*This post is in written by and in collaboration with Gabriella. The talented Richmond, Virginia blogger behind WUNDERFIEND.


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