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Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli

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Brunello Cucinelli started out his career as an engineer, not of fashion but as a land surveyor. Then at the age of 25 he had the entrepreneurial spark of genius that dyed cashmere could not only be beautiful but also lucrative.

Since then Cucinelli has been known for crafting quality fashion that exudes luxury. Still in the same city of Solomeo (an ancient Umbrian town of 500 people), where he started it all.  Brunello Cucinelli still uses dyed cashmere and has become world renown for his cashmere cardigans, sweaters, and turtlenecks. If you think of high quality cashmere, cucinelli comes instantly comes to mind.

Cucinelli has expanded past cashmere into many different pieces. Some of the pieces we especially enjoy are his Cucinelli cords, and cropped trousers that just always have the perfect fit. We are very excited to have Brunello Cucinelli online for sale and to bring his style and splendor for you to be able to buy Brunello Cucinelli online.

Brunello Cucinelli Spring 2013 is coming to Roan with his trunk show coming on December 6th and 7th, you can visit our events page for more details.

Some Interesting Details About Brunello Cucinelli:

  • He finds black bland- you'll never see a black cashmere sweater from him.
  • He loves philosophy- he even has a bust of Seneca in his office.
  • He studies English for two hours everyday.
  • He has a penchant for salami with bread.
  • He has worn the same fragance-Azzaro fragrance- for over 40 years.
  • He uses a caviar based face cream.
  • He got inspired for some of pieces from a trip to Texas.
  • He travels from Italy to New York and still gets Italian food.
  • His favorite piece of clothing is oversized shahtoosh scarf.
  • His style icons are Gianni Agnelli and JFK.
  • His favorite pants are made of corduroy, and he is usually always seen in them.